Monday, March 01, 2010

The Book of Disquiet
Fernando Pessoa
(Extraordinary Classics)
-finally finished this after years (?) of off and on reading.  It seems like the right way to read this book, with its short, dense meditations.  I'll keep dipping back into it, it's a mental space that's good to return to from time to time.  But I couldn't live there.  I loved the book and felt a fondness and kinship with the author, even though at times I disagreed with the philosophy and attitude toward life he set forth in some of the meditations.  He changes his mind often, however, and experiments with ideas, plays with them, and so it seems wrong to hold him firmly to anything he says.  Irony and dreaming and play, not dialectics.  The book is not about setting forth arguments, though he does try, arguing as an absolute aesthete, the real deal.  This book was never even published in his lifetime.  ...anyways...look it up...  It goes on the shelf with favorite, wise, dense books I'll return to over and over during the years I have left.