Tuesday, February 23, 2010

33 1/3 - Another Green World
- not much new to me, but easier to read than Aja or DNation

by Eva Hoffman
-small books, big ideas series by Picador.  Intro was good, so I was excited to read this, but the bulk of it was just "notecard writing" (is there a term for this?)  If you're interested in the broad topic "time," like me, I'd say read the Intro and the final chapter.

Recent noteworthy articles and essays (off top of my head):

Adam Ciralsky in Vanity Fair on Blackwater

James Fallows in the Atlantic on “How America Can Rise Again"

Believer essay by Bachelder about kid and surprises. (Tried reading Bear vs Shark, couldn't get through it, despite the occasional good joke)

David Owen on smells in NYer (loved this, and the nickname one a while back.  I'll buy this book when it comes out)

Article on Tea Party in New Yorker got terrifying with the Creation Museum cameo!