Monday, March 04, 2013

Vic Chesnutt suggested mix

Warm -North Star Deserter
Wallace Stevens -North Star Deserter
What Do You Mean? -Ghetto Bells
Prick -The Salesman And Bernadette
New Town -About To Choke
Little Vacation -About To Choke
You Are Never Alone -North Star Deserter
Mystery -Dark Developments
And How -Dark Developments
Onion Soup -Is The Actor Happy
Gravity Of The Situation -Is The Actor Happy
Forthright -Ghetto Bells
Teddy Bear -Dark Developments
We Are Mean -Dark Developments
Stop the Horse -Dark Developments
Glossolalia -North Star Deserter
Bilocating Dog -Dark Developments
Flirted With You All My Life -At The Cut
See You Around -About To Choke
(It's No Secret) Satisfaction -About To Choke
We Hovered With Short Wings -At The Cut

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